Noah's favorite podcasts

I like podcasts. Here are some podcasts that I like. I think you should listen to them. It's kind of like reading, but for your ears. Do you also like podcasts? Did I miss some good ones? Get at me on the twitter.

Storytelling + Music

This American Life

Classic. Great stories. Gotta love some Ira Glass. Hit or miss sometimes though.

Choice episodes

Fresh Air

Terry Gross is hands-down my favorite interviewer. So many great episodes.

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Music and science stories. Also hit or miss, but some greats.

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99% Invisible

Hidden things behind obvious places. Super interesting, sometimes slow.

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Song Exploder

Famous artists break down songs part by part and share inspiration.

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Misc Podcasts

Random episodes of podcasts I don't always listen to, but particularly enjoyed

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Pete Holmes

Great interviews. Gets very philosophical, and keeps you laughing a lot of the time.

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2 Dope Queens

Hilarious comedians commenting on lots of things. They bring in stand up routines most episodes.

Mortified Podcast

People sharing their high school diaries publicly. Incredibly embarrassing moments.

Tech + Design

Design Details

They interview product designers. They're really good at it.

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They interview startups about the challenges of building a business.

Choice Episodes

Reply All

This is a tough one to describe, but it involves stories about the internet.

Choice episodes

The Growth Show

Interviews with CEO / entrepreneurs about their stories.

High Resolution

Interviews with lots of professional designers.

Design Better

More interviews with lots of professional designers.